Military wives discounts

Home Depot and Lowe’s Home Improvement stores exist throughout the United States and serve as America’s primary retail giants for home goods like appliances. But, these stores are also both historically military supporters—which we think is awesome. Not only do these stores offer a 10% military discount, but they actually donate hundreds of thousands of dollars per year to Veteran charities which help prevent homelessness among Veterans both young and old.

When you have to shop at a store like Home Depot, I always choose it over another hardware parts store because Home Depot gives a 10% military discount (same with Lowe’s). I think the policy doesn’t specifically apply to spouses or dependents (like myself), but the people at the registers don’t seem to really care much. A few times they’ve said that I can’t use the discount, but of course—it’s totally cool! That’s just the store policy. I’m grateful on a much larger sense that Lowe’s recognizes the support my husband makes as a member of the Active Duty military.

One time I went into Home Depot with my children while he was currently preparing for deployment to Africa to assist with extreme poverty and helping bring food, water and medical aid to remote families in a village far out in the jungle. The story was in the local news, because he’s part of a popular military unit here. He’s not the kind of guy who generally goes asking for discounts, but of course—as a stay-at-home mom, I feel like it’s my obligation to help the family financially by trying to help us save some money wherever possible.

My husband always get a little embarrassed when I ask for a military discount when he’s there, but usually I have a higher success rate with his presence than I do when it’s just me and the kids. Regardless, it’s important to emphasize my gratitude for companies like Home Depot and Lowe’s who support military families for any support they give. I don’t mind being told “no”! Most of the time, while my husband is away, I can’t do very much of the home improvement myself. But I do always try to shop with (and support in general) companies who express their gratitude for the sacrifices our service members make on a daily basis. It’s a challenging lifestyle and a job that someone simply has to do. I don’t condone people who act entitled like every company should offer a discount for military, but there’s a big difference between expecting it and being thankful for (and utilizing) it. Thanks, Home Depot and Lowe’s. You always have my business!

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