How To Deal With A Wind-Damaged Tree?

Thunderstorms and strong winds can inflict extreme damage on trees. If you are someone who loves having trees in your backyard and have spent a considerable amount of time and effort nurturing and looking after them, you will need to deal with wind tree damage on an immediate basis by contacting emergency tree storm services. However, depending on the situation it may or may not be possible. We will discuss every single detail about what you can do when it comes to wind tree damage.

Assessing The Damage

The first thing you are going to do is assess the wind damage on the tree. From the outside, all damages might look the same but not when you come close. One thing you need to keep in mind is that assessing damages is only possible if you closely analyze and observe the trees.

Damage might vary based on the tree type and not every tree needs to end up with the same complications post heavy winds or thunderstorms. Plus, it could also be that the tree experienced minor wind damage and was slightly exposed from a particular area that was not noticeable.

With time, the compromised area was attacked by insects, birds, etc. which led to infestation. This is why you must inspect the tree to identify problems. Take a look at the important areas of the tree. Inspect the branches, trunk, and other important parts of the tree.

If you notice that the leaves have suddenly started to turn yellow or brown, it means the tree is infested or has a disease that needs to be treated. Some people simply wait for this go away by itself, but this can be a huge mistake. Either consult an expert and purchase off-the-shelf products or hire an arborist to rectify the issue.

Pruning Broken Branches

A common mistake people tend to make is pruning trees whenever they have time or want. The best time to prune the trees or branches is during the tree’s dormant season. If the tree’s branches are broken, but the main, central part is fine, then the tree can survive. However, you will need to carry out proper pruning. It’s better to hire an arborist for this.

So, in this case, the first thing you are going to do is start by splitting the broken or cracked branches. Plus, make sure to remove branches that might be infested as well. Moreover, prune away smaller branches as well.

If it’s a diseased tree, you should clean the tool after using it so that it does not spread the disease if you are using it on another tree.

Providing Support

Sometimes, the trees undergo an extreme amount of stress due to thunderstorms and high winds but do not crack or damage. In such cases, the trees tend to lean to either side, which could be dangerous. If you have a big tree in your front or back yard and it is leaning towards your or your neighbor’s property, you will need to give it support.

Moreover, the tree should not be leaning toward the power lines as well. In this case, you will need to provide some support via cables, ropes, etc. For this, you will need to climb the tree and the task is not going to be possible without a helping hand.

That said, ask a friend or a family member to help you provide the cables or ropes while you are standing on a ladder. Another reason you need a second pair of eyes is to keep an eye out on things while you are working up there.

Fertilizing And Watering

Not many people are aware of the fact that fertilizing and watering can save trees that are damaged due to thunderstorms and strong winds. Sometimes, the roots of the trees become exposed when the wind is blowing at high speeds from one side only.

This is why, once the storm ends, the tree tends to fall or lean to one side. This is where you need to properly water and fertilize the tree especially around the roots so that new roots can grow and the affected roots can heal. If possible, try to cover the exposed roots.

In addition to that, make sure you opt for the right type of fertilizers. Then again, fertilizers may look the same but differ based on the tree type. It would be better to consult an expert before making the final decision.

Knowing When To Remove A Wind Damaged Tree

Removing a tree can be a difficult decision to make but you need to be sure. No matter how much effort you put into a tree, some trees will not be able to make it post-storm or wind damage. If you notice than only 50% of the crown is left or there is clear split seen in the trunk, then the probability of the tree surviving the damage is less.

A declining or dead tree will need to be removed as soon as possible. This is because the branches and leaves will begin to fall and will not only make a mess but also damage the properties in the surroundings if extreme weather conditions hit again. This must be done an expert so get help from tree cutting services Bethesda.

How To Prevent A Tree From Storm And Wind Damage?

Believe it or not, preventing storm damage is very possible. Trees like to grow near one another especially in cities and states since there is not much space. If the trees are planted near each other, the possibility of damage is reduced. This is because trees tend to reduce the speed or the airflow during a thunderstorm.

So, if you have trees planted at a distance from one another, there is a high chance that two or three trees will face their death. However, if they are planted close, you might be able to reduce or prevent the damage entirely. Additionally, storm damage could also be prevented if you hire an expert who performs regular inspections and maintenance.

It is only logical that a tree is strong and healthy if it is properly pruned and looked after. Such trees can withstand external factors a lot better than those that hardly receive any attention.

How To Maintain A Tree?

Maintaining a tree is not rocket science. All you need to do is perform weekly or monthly inspections and use the right type of fertilizers. Always consult an expert before opting for or using any type of fertilizer. What might be a growth supplement for a tree might be poison for another.

Therefore, read the instructions carefully and take your time when making a decision. It can help you keep the tree healthy and safe.


Dealing with storm-damaged trees is all about assessing the damage and making the right decisions accordingly. You can help the tree stand on its own by offering support but if the damage is to the point where the roots are exposed and the trunk is severely damaged, you will need to remove it. Consult tree removal services Potomac for that. However, in the meantime, you should make sure the trees are healthy by regularly inspecting and offering proper maintenance.

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