6 Popular Salon Hair Treatments

Hair treatments are all the rage right now. Women want different hair treatments to battle and combat different hair issues and need top rated hair salons to provide the necessary hair treatments. Here are some of the most common yet effective hair treatments salons have to offer.

Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatment is probably one of the most famous and sought after hair treatment. Women love the effects and results of keratin treatment on their hair, and they keep coming back for more. Frizz is a huge problem for a lot of women and keratin treatment allows for the perfect solution, promising shine and silky hair after the treatment.

Usually, a treatment in the form of a mask is applied to your hair and left for a good amount of time, before it is washed off, leaving behind full of shine and frizz-free hair. This treatment is amazing if you want to tame your frizzy hair.

Hot Oil Treatment Or Massage

A hot oil treatment is great for opening up the hair follicles and letting your hair breathe. It gives new life to your hair and the results are amazing. Usually, a hair oil of your choice is heated gently, not too hot otherwise it can damage your hair, and it is applied all over your hair, focusing mainly on the scalp. The next step involves a massage and this is what adds wonder to the treatment.

The vigorous scalp massage helps to bring blood flow to your scalp and the heated oil helps to stimulate hair growth. The result of constant use of this treatment is better hair and healthy scalp in the future.

Hair Glossing Treatment

Do you want that runway shine and gloss to your hair? Well, you can go for a gloss treatment in your hair which will achieve that sheen and mirror like look. All it takes is a hair gloss treatment which is applied after shampooing your hair. It will reflect light off perfectly from the hair, and it will smooth the hair out as well, giving a perfectly sleek look to your overall mane.

It is an amazing treatment which leaves the hair soft and smooth, not to mention having a mirror like shine.

Hair Toning Treatment

Hair toning treatment is done for women who have recently dyed their hair and want to touch up the color for a perfect look. Usually, drastic color changes like going platinum blonde on dark hair, will require toning, because your hair will be brassy and the color needs to be toned perfectly to avoid those orange and red shades from peeking in your hair. A toner is applied on your hair to eliminate the brassy and orange tones of the newly dyed hair. It is done usually 2 to 3 times until the perfect color is reached and you are happy with the results.

Scalp Treatment

Scalp treatment is also a very good treatment for your hair. Your scalp needs some love too and there can be a lot of build up as well as sebum in your hair, which can lead to oily hair and generally bad hair health.

A treatment is applied on the scalp, which scratches off the dandruff, sebum, and dirt from your hair, leaving behind a clean scalp which will allow a perfect foundation for your hair to grow healthily on. A scalp treatment should be done at least once a month.

Detox Treatment

A detox treatment is a great way to get rid of product build up in your hair. If you use a lot of products on your hair, you are bound to have build up on your scalp, which will hinder hair growth and will lead to degrading hair health. A detox treatment will be applied on your hair and it will slowly chip away the build up, leaving your scalp clean and it will allow your hair follicles to breathe and grow properly.

There you have it! Every salon you go to, will offer these treatments, with more or less the similar steps and just as amazing results. Most hair color salons and hair straightening salons Rockville offer these treatments. Get a consultation from a hairstylist to learn which treatment is best for your hair and face shape.

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