6 Sneaky Divorce Tactics You Should Be Prepared For

Divorces are never easy, but they can be especially hard to deal with when there is an ill will involved from either partner. For this you need an expert family attorney. Here are some divorce tactics one can use to get you in trouble.

Unnecessary Delays

The number one rule of getting done with divorce quickly, with as less financial damage as possible, is to get it done quickly and have no unnecessary delays. However, it shouldn’t be too quick or too late. There is a certain time limit, which is considered to be the optimum timeline for a divorce.

Now, if the other party wants to take out a personal grudge against you, then they might intentionally try to delay the process, in order to drain you of your finances. This can be very messy and it can lead to a lot of money problems in the future. The best way to deal with this is to be punctual and give no one any reason for delay.

Bringing Children Into The Mess

Children are always a very sensitive subject and if one party is trying to blackmail you with children, then this is not a good thing. People can use children as divorce tactics in many ways.

They can take the kids away from you, they can try to increase their visitations in return for paying less child support, they can turn the kids against you, and so on. This is why, if you have a volatile relationship with your partner, you should get legal teams involved to deal with the mess.

Lying About Finances

This is also a very common tactic used in the division of assets. Some people can lie about their finances and what assets they have so that they don’t have to split everything. This is another way of leaving you in the dust and then getting away with everything.

If you have proof of more assets than your partner is declaring, make sure that you are giving these documents in court, so that legal action can be taken against that person and the division is just and equal in the end.

No Communication

Another very common tactic used by people, who have a bad relationship with their partner and are about to divorce, is the absence of communication. This can be in many forms. Not showing up for meetings, not presenting themselves at trials, and not answering the divorce complaint in the allocated time, etc. are just some of the many ways of avoiding communication.

For this, you need to get your lawyer involved, so that they can petition in the court to have another way of dealing with the proceedings if the other person still fails to communicate.

No Compromising

This can also happen a lot during many divorces. A lot of lawyers face this problem and that is not meeting in the middle of having common ground on a certain situation or subject. Of course, everyone wants to get away with the most, at the end of the divorce, but that’s not justified.

Both parties should be able to negotiate and come to a common agreement on certain things, which could be beneficial for both of them. Not negotiating and the constant push and pull will only make matters worse and the process will be delayed, and that too, unnecessarily.

Getting Restraining Orders

Last but not least, sometimes people can get restraining orders against their partners so that they don’t have to show up for meetings. Even if there is no history of abuse or harassment, false restraining orders can be filed and people can falsely accuse their partners of being abusive to them.

Restraining orders are valid for real cases of abuse, but not everyone is filing a restraining order for their protection. Some just want to bring the other person down by embarrassing them and painting them to be the bad person, just to get the upper hand.


There you have it! These tactics are very common and they can be resolved as well, but you need to be smart about dealing with them, in the right way. Hire top rated divorce lawyers Fairfax VA who can effectively deal with these tactics.

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