DIY Vs Professional Bathroom Remodeling

We’ve all been there! Wondering whether a project is better off being done by a professional contractor or if you want to do it yourself and save money. During bathroom remodeling, there are a couple of things that you need to remember so that you can wisely decide on whether you should replace/repair something by yourself or hire a contractor.

Professional Bathroom Remodeling

Here are some things you should know about a professional bathroom remodel.

They’re Experts

Well, it’s called professional bathroom remodeling for a reason. The contractors you hire for a bathroom remodeling project are usually experts at what they do. It’s their job to deal with all sorts of things that go on in a bathroom remodel, so they have a better idea how to proceed and remodel the bathroom as you want.

It Will Cost You A Lot

While contractors are professional and have an eye for detail, all of these qualities come with a hefty price tag. Professional bathroom remodels are no joke, as far as the price is concerned. You need to allocate a higher budget for a bathroom remodel, if you’re going to get it done by a professional.

Quality Is Preferred

One of the main reasons why a professional bathroom remodel is super expensive, is the fact that the contractors are not shy with the type of materials they use in the bathroom. They prefer quality over getting the job done cheaper. Honestly, that’s quite a good approach to go about things.

Even though not all expensive materials have the greatest quality, most of them are durable and you get your money’s worth. So, if you have a higher budget to work with, then it won’t hurt to hire experts to get a remodeling project out of the way. This will save you time, mostly. Read the next point to understand what we mean.

There Can Be Delays

This can be a problem as certain contractors and customers don’t see eye to eye. This can really put a damper on the performance of the remodeling project and there can be unexpected delays, just because you two are not on the same page over a certain material, how one thing should be installed, the placement of certain appliances, and so on.

When hiring professionals, you need to be able to communicate perfectly and clearly as to what you expect from the bathroom remodel, otherwise, it’s just a waste of time and money.

The End Result Is Worth It

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a professional for a bathroom remodeling project is the result. You just can’t get the same refinement with a DIY bathroom remodel, that’s for sure. Since contractors and professional remodeling designers are pros in what they do, they will have the best equipment to get the job done, which is why the results look so much more amazing than you originally anticipated.

If you’re looking for quality work and you have a bit of room to stretch in your budget, then hiring kitchen remodelers Bowie is the way to go. You won’t see problems that arise in DIY remodels given that you choose the contractor carefully.

DIY Bathroom Remodeling

If you’re considering a DIY bathroom remodel, then you need to keep these things in mind.

It’s Less Expensive

DIY projects are inexpensive. They don’t have any labor costs, there isn’t any upfront fee you have to pay the contractors, and so on. If the project is simple, like changing a small drain pipe, painting the bathroom ceiling, and getting new wallpaper for your bathroom, then you can easily do these things by yourself.

You certainly don’t need to hire a contractor or someone professional for this job. You must figure out the nature of the job and how easy or hard it is for you to do. If you know the answer, then you know how to proceed.

Not As Refined

No matter how much handyman work you can do around the house, there’s no beating the professional refinement of a contractor’s work and that’s just a fact. If you’re fixing or repairing something in your bathroom by yourself, then the results are going to differ.

There are going to be misalignments, crookedness, etc., and while you can get away with all of it, but if you’re someone who enjoys the physical appeal of a certain thing, then this might bother you a lot. So, if you’re not confident about doing a DIY remodel, then it’s better to not give it a go.

No Need For Permits

One of the most frustrating and tedious things about hiring contractors and remodeling something in your home, is the fact that you need to get permission from the local authority. This can be pretty hard to get and the permission depends on what type of remodeling work is going on.

Even contractors won’t do work for you unless you have the permit on hand. This is where DIY bathroom remodel is a great thing, because there’s no need for a permit and you can pretty much do anything in your house, as long as it’s not overstepping any legal boundaries. Redoing your bathroom yourself can be attractive due to this reason.


Time is of the essence during a bathroom remodel and while with professionals, you don’t need to worry about it as much, however, in DIY bathroom remodeling, this is something that you should be concerned with.

If you’re new at repairing and replacing things, especially in a bathroom, then it’s going to take you a lot of time, even to get a simple job done. So, with DIY projects, you need to allocate a lot of time, otherwise, you just won’t be able to get it done quickly.

You’re The Boss

One of the best things about a DIY bathroom remodel is that you are the boss and you can make, change, and cancel decisions anytime you want. With contractors and professional remodeling workers, this can be a hard thing to do and you are only able to give them clear directions before the start of the project, but that’s not the case with DIY projects.

You can change anything at the last minute and there won’t be any unnecessary delay fee, change of materials, etc. You can even schedule things on your own time, so that makes a DIY bathroom remodel a more flexible option.

Not The Safest

DIY bathroom remodeling is not as safe as you might think. There can be a lot of things that can go wrong and you don’t want to be on the receiving end of the damage. It’s better to not touch any loose wires, leaking pipes, and high-pressure areas, because you never know what could trigger something and lead to irreparable damage.

If you’re unsure about proceeding with a remodel by yourself, then go for professionals, because they’re better at their job and take precautions.


The choice of bathroom remodeling you go for solely depends on what kind of project you’re dealing with and how much of an expert you are. If you think that you can easily get something repaired, then it’s worth giving it a shot, otherwise calling in kitchen remodeling contractors Silver Spring is better.

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