How To Get Google Reviews For Contractors

The construction industry is highly competitive. For companies and contractors to stand out, they need reviews on a regular basis. So, if you run a construction or home improvement business and do not know how to get reviews, you should give this blog a read.

Use Review Cards

The first thing you need to do to get some Google reviews to make review cards. It should be a simple document with your company’s logo along with the location and contact information. At the same time, you will be posting a link that will take them to the review section.

In fact, you should have a dedicated page on your website that is only meant for reviews. Once your customers access that page, they will be able to post reviews on different platforms. For instance, you will want to have a link to your Google map listing and other similar platforms.

There are two major reasons to post reviews in different places. On one hand, you would want a lot of reviews on Google to make your business stand out. But, at the same time, Google is also keeping a track of your reviews on other platforms. You need to diversify your reviews.

The other reason tends to be the fact that different people tend to use different platforms for posting reviews. You might be a Google user yourself but not others. So, if they have accounts elsewhere, they should be able to post reviews instead of being limited to posting reviews only on Google.

Send A Review Email

In addition to using review cards, you should also try sending review emails. You should make a contact list of your clients and send them an email requesting or reminding them to post reviews a few days after completing their construction or remodeling project. This is your circle of influence which can include your friends, family members, relatives, etc.

Then again, provide a link to the review sites in the email. However, you should be careful when it comes to sending review emails. Most customers do not prefer penning down reviews. So, if you do not get a reply from them, it is better to leave them alone. Do not keep sending them review requests one after the other. This will simply annoy them.

Instead, find out when they are the most active and politely ask them to give you a review as it will help you improve your services.

Make A Review Call

Once you are done with making review cards and sending emails, the next tip is comparatively more effective but carries a lot of risks as well. Just like customers do not like receiving review request emails, they do not like attending calls that ask for the same.

Most customers tend to be busy and do not have the time to engage with you. So, you should call them when they are busy or resting. Instead, you should give them a ring and if they do not pick up, simply send a message.

You can try once again if they have not penned down the review but not more than that. If a customer does not like leaving a review, you cannot do anything about it.

Use A Landing Page

A landing page on your website is another great option for you to collect some reviews. A landing page makes it easy for customers to offer reviews. However, you will need to make sure that the reviews on your page are authentic. If the reviews on your landing page are all positive, the visitors will become suspicious of your activities.

Therefore, be transparent and do not try to hide the negative reviews. Instead of hiding the reviews, you should focus on satisfying your customers as it would help send a positive message that you care about your customers.

And plus, if you tend to use a questionnaire, do not bombard your customers with questions. Just keep them simple and few so that they do not have to put in a lot of time and effort.

Final Word

Concluding, getting Google reviews for contractors is that complicated. You can follow the tips mentioned above but keep in mind that this is a constant effort. To generate reviews, you will have to keep yourself updated with your customers to help guarantee satisfaction at every level.

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