How To Host An Annual Company Picnic

A company picnic is a great way to blow off the work steam and it’s also a good way to give employees a breather and let them enjoy themselves. You need to hire party and tent rentals and along with some other vendors to make it work. Here is everything you need to know about planning the perfect annual company picnic or dinner.

First Things First, The Invitations

You can’t have a large gathering, outdoor dinner, or corporate lunch without the proper invitations, right? Well, you can either go the traditional way and have cards sent out to your employees, or you can go the digital way and custom design a card with the time and venue on it, along with the RSVP and contact information.

Get creative and find ways to break the news to your employees. It will be exciting also, if you give out the invitations in the office, so it will be a nice little surprise for everyone.

Set A Budget

The most important thing out of all of these is the budget. You need to be strategic about planning this event. So, it’s always a good idea to break out the spreadsheet and start building a budget. What will the venue cost, how much the food will cost, the entertainment and other similar things?

It needs to be written in the budget and then you can calculate the amount of money you need to execute this picnic. Once you have a rough estimate, you can go from there and see where things need to change and you can tweak them accordingly.

Day Or Night?

This is also a very important thing to consider. Do you want the event to be a daytime or nighttime event? Do your employees prefer the weekends or weekdays? When is everyone able to come to the picnic? These are things which need to be settled before you start giving out invites to your employees.

You can also ask your employees about their opinions and what day and time they prefer and then you can work around these preferences and select a day which suits everyone. In this way, everyone can make it to the picnic and enjoy themselves.

A Stellar Venue? Check

Next order of importance is the venue. Now this is a tricky one because you need to decide whether you want an outdoor chill lunch venue, or a more sophisticated dinner atmosphere. If you want a more chill and relaxed vibe with the corporate picnic, then an outdoor venue is perfect.

Just keep in mind that if you are selecting an outdoor venue, the weather and wind needs to be appropriate. You can’t plan the whole picnic on a windy day or during a drought. The weather needs to be pleasant.

Make The Picnic Exciting

A picnic is not complete without some fun outdoor activities. Throw some fun entertainment in the mix of the picnic. Golf, tennis, and go-karting are great ideas for a corporate picnic. Not only are they fun but it is the perfect liaison between fun and professional.

Card games, bingo and treasure hunts are also a good idea to refresh the brain and get your mind out of work. Small activities and entertainment like these will help to keep the employees engaged and it is also a great way to communicate in a large group of coworkers. Just because you work, doesn’t mean you can’t play in your free time.

The Food

Last but certainly not the least, the food! Try to go for a variety of easy finger foods. Nobody wants to fiddle with cutlery on a picnic, so keep it very casual and easy to eat. Things like canopies, sandwiches, fried finger foods, sweets and refreshing drinks are a great addition to an outdoor picnic. You can also go for fish and other poultry options. A live barbecue grill and hamburger station is also a foolproof idea. No one can go wrong with these food choices and everyone will love it.


There you have it! A picnic doesn’t need to be specifically outdoors, you can also do it in an indoor and relaxed environment, but doing it outside gives a whole new look and refreshing atmosphere. Work with event managers and event rentals Rockland NY to ensure the best experience.

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