Is My Gas Cooktop Leaking Gas?

A cooktop, whether it’s gas-operated or electrical, is probably the most used appliance in the kitchen. If your gas cooktop starts to leak, then that’s a huge issue and you should take help from appliance repair technicians. Here are the signs you need to look out for if you suspect leaks in your gas cooktop.

Signs Your Gas Cooktop Is Leaking Gas

The Stoves Won’t Light Up

Normally when you go and light up a stove, you turn on the knob and the gas will travel from the pipes to the burner and you can hear a dull hissing sound coming from the burner. This is how you can fire up a match and then the burner will light up. But if your stove is leaking gas from somewhere, then you won’t hear the hissing sound coming from the burner.

Even if you put a lit-up match near the burner, the stove won’t light up. This is a sign that there is a considerable leak somewhere in the stove and you need to check it out.

There Is No Gas Pressure

If you use a gas cylinder for cooking and it is attached to your stove top, then there is another way by which you can check for leaks. When you turn the knob to start the burner, there won’t be any pressure in the gas cylinder.

You can even double-check it by looking at the pressure gauges on the cylinder and if it’s showing no pressure, then there might be leaks in the pipe which is letting out the gas and not producing enough pressure.

A Specific Smell

Natural gas has a specific smell, which is slightly sweet and it tingles in your nose. Basically, you will know that it’s natural gas when you smell it. With functional stove tops, there shouldn’t be any smell coming from the stove, other than from the burners.

If the smell is coming from somewhere inside the stove, like the oven or underneath, where the pipes are, then there is a high possibility that your gas cooktop is leaking and you don’t want to use that until the issue is fixed.

You also don’t want to bring any light-up matches or flammable things in close contact with the source of the smell, otherwise, it can be a huge fire hazard.

You Hear A Hissing Sound

A very clear sign of figuring out whether your gas cooktop is leaking or not, is to look out for hissing sounds coming from somewhere inside the stove. You will hear this sound, whether the knobs of the stove are turned on or not. This can be extremely dangerous and once you hear the hissing, you can even start to smell the gas and you need to call in someone to take a look at the leak.

Gas coming out of a leak will usually produce a sound, so there won’t be any doubt about there being a leak or not.

If you’re in a commercial kitchen, the same rule applies. If any of the gas appliance is making a hissing noise, it may be leaking gas. Let a commercial appliance repair Springfield expert look into it.

Check The Gas Light

This is something you can check in more modern stovetops. A lot of gas stove tops come with lights, which are known as pilot lights. There is sometimes just one pilot light and other times, there might be two. What you want to look for, in case you’re worried about your gas stove leaking, is the light. If it’s on, then that means that adequate gas is coming from the pipes to the burners. If the pilot light is off, then it means that the gas is not reaching the burner from the pipe and that usually implies either an obstruction or a gas leak.

In the case of two pilot lights, the first one might be off and the second one will still be working you can use the stove in this situation, but, ideally, you want to get it checked to prevent huge problems from occurring in the future.

Carry Out A Leak Test

A very easy way to double-check that there is a leak in your stove, is to do a leak test. There are solutions available which you can put on the place where you think the leak originated from and the solution will start to change its thickness and it will ooze out of the leak.

This is a foolproof way of determining a leak in your gas stove top and the sooner you test it, the faster you can get it fixed.

What Should You Do Now?

Now that you know the signs of a gas leak in your stovetop, here are some things you need to do, to prevent a large fire hazard from taking place.

Turn The Stove Off

As soon as you’re sure that there is a leak in your stove, you want to immediately turn off all of the knobs and even close the cylinder valve, so that no gas can come out. This is going to prevent gas poisoning because it can lead to a lot of problems like respiratory issues and even suffocation, if there is no ventilation in the kitchen.

Extinguish All Flames

Another thing that you want to do after detecting a gas leak in your stovetop is to extinguish all of the flames and keep all of the flammable things away from the leak. You never know what could trigger a spark and it can lead to a fire exploding.

You also want to make sure that there aren’t any loose electrical wires exposed to the leak either. Taking these precautions will only save you from bigger damage and you can call in a repairman to take a look at the leak, during this time.

Call A Professional

If your stove is still under warranty, you can call the company of the gas stove top and have them inspect your stove. This repair is going to be free of cost and if there is any major fault in the stove, then it can be replaced as well. Even if your stove isn’t under warranty, you still want to call a technician over and have them look at the leak and assess the damage.

A gas leak isn’t something that you can repair on your own, so it’s good to call someone in so that they can get the leak fixed quickly and efficiently.

Contact The Gas Company

If you want, you can also call the gas company and have them come over and check the gas cylinder. Sometimes, cylinders can also be faulty and they can have a lot of pressure inside them, which can cause the pipes to crack and leak and this is how your stove top can stop working.

If this is an issue beyond the stove top, then it’s a good thing to have your cylinder repaired or better yet, get it replaced with a new and regulated one so that it won’t cause any gas leaks in the future, during use.


A gas cooktop is a great thing to use in the kitchen, but it also needs to be maintained by cooktops repair services Fairfax properly, to ensure that things like gas leaks and other major issues don’t occur as often.

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