Stone Veneer Vs Stucco For Home Exterior Siding

Any type of siding is only meant to protect your house from different outdoor elements, and is designed to provide it with insulation as well and most masonry contractor help you choose an exterior siding option best for your house.

In this blog, we’ll provide you with a brief comparison between stone veneer vs stucco for exterior siding of your house. Reading these important points will help you in making an educated decision when choosing the best one out of these two. So, let’s start.

Stucco Siding

Stucco is a popular siding material in many areas in the US. There can even be stucco siding houses in your own neighborhood.

Stucco is actually a good choice for your home siding, as it is considered as a reliable and durable material as compared to the other used it it’s place for siding projects.

Stucco is a mixture of different elements, and is applied on a metal screen. Also, the underpayment of stucco siding is waterproof, and this helps your house a lot.

However, stucco is a very hard material to handle, as it can easily develop cracks if you aren’t careful enough with it during your siding project. But the hardness of stucco also tells us that it will easily last the whole lifetime of your house. That is, however, if the stucco siding of your house gets good maintenance.

Cost Of Stucco

Installing Stucco in the siding of your house can cost you anywhere between $9 and $15 per installed square foot. The fluctuation in this cost depends on your material quality, your locality, and the siding contractor.

A full stucco siding project will cost you anywhere between $15000 to $30000.

Benefits Of Stucco

Major benefits of stucco siding include its durability, low running costs, added Insulation, and it’s resistance to insects and fires. These benefits are some of the main reasons why people choose stucco siding for their house.

Along with its benefits, stucco siding also has its drawbacks. The drawbacks include high cost of materials and installation, complexity of the installation process, and the tendency of stucco to easily harden and develop cracks if you are not careful enough during the project. Additionally, stucco siding is not good for wet climates. So, if your area suffers from lots of rain, stucco siding might not be the best option for you.

If water gets mixed with stucco before starting the project, it can affect the longevity of your stucco siding, and can take away all the benefits stucco has to provide for your house.

Stone Veneer Siding

Although any type of stone can be used as a siding material in your house, limestone and granite are the two mostly used types of stones for siding. Stone is very popular in siding materials because of its unique texture, and guaranteed durability in the long run.

Benefits Of Using Stone Veneer

Using natural stone can be one of the most expensive siding options you can choose from. That is why stone veneer is used. This can considerably decrease the cost of your exterior siding. Stone veneer is lighter as compared to natural stone because it is made out of composite materials. Moreover, you can use natural stone in between stone veneers to improve the exterior of your house.

Another benefit of using stone or stone veneer is that, unlike other materials, stone never deteriorates in color or quality in the long run. So, with the help of a stone siding, you can easily pass through the whole lifespan of your house without needing another siding.

Stone and stone veneer siding is simply the best investment you can make on your house. That is, if you can afford to invest in this material.

Cost Of Stone Veneer

Natural stone can be very expensive to install. You can expect to pay anywhere between $25 to $45 per installed square foot. This basically depends on the cost of the stone you’re choosing. On the other hand, stone veneer is a much cheaper and high-quality option you can opt for if you can’t afford to invest in natural stone siding.

One benefit of Stone veneer is that it is the most durable type of siding. However, the only drawback is that it is very expensive. Talk with a stone veneer contractor Long Island to find more about the siding material.

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