What Are The Best Pool Shapes For A Small Backyard

Having a pool in your backyard is an interesting feature. Even though pools are mostly found in homes that have a sufficient amount of space to offer, but those with small backyards can fit a reasonably sized swimming pool if experienced pool contractors are used. Therefore, we are going to share some tips regarding the best pool shapes to consider to come up with the best pool for your needs and preferences. Let’s begin!

Go Long And Narrow

If your backyard happens to be long and narrow, then you should count your blessings. The reason is that a pool of such dimensions can easily fit into the space provided. Most people tend to hide their swimming pools if the space available happens to be small.

However, that should not be your case. Instead, you should make it a key factor that is highlighted every time you or your friends and family members walk in your backyard. Plus, the surrounding landscape should also blend in. In some cases, you might want to change the location of your plantations and slightly modify the existing design of the backyard to accommodate the pool properly.

In that case, consult with a professional and do not shy away from accepting second-hand suggestions. Your investment is only going to be worth it if you spend it the right way.

Double Up A Pool As Decoration

In a small backyard, the pool not only needs to be highlighted but will have to work hard to receive the attention of the people visiting your backyard. This means that it should be both decorative and functional. There is no point in spending money on a pool that people notice for a second and then turn away.

The key lies in blending the pool with the surroundings and making the backyard actually seem bigger. It should not look as if the swimming pool has disintegrated from the backyard.

Blend A Plunge Pool Into The Landscaping

Usually, small homes have relatively small families living inside. This means that you can easily work with a plunge pool. You do not need many laps but something appropriate and sufficient enough to relax inside when the weather outside is freezing.

In addition to that, you can also add a fountain to add to the relaxing vibe of the pool. However, the perfect plunge pool should be tucked away slightly in a quiet corner where disturbance is the least.

Embrace Minimalist Industrial Style

If you want to give a modern look to your house, you should consider embracing a minimalist industrial style. You can add concrete slabs and walls to surround the pool so that it blends in perfectly with the minimalist style. However, in this case, you will have to think about the positioning as well.

The pool should be as close to the house as possible. Plus, the space should be enough for you to move around easily. You can think about building a pool in the center of your garden but make sure that you have a sufficient amount of space left on the sides.

Opt For A Raised Pool

Newer homes are opting for raised pools, which is significantly contributing to their popularity. To fit a raised pool, you will need to first come up with a raised deck. At the same time, there should be enough room for loungers, swing chairs, and beds, etc. Plus, depending on the style of your house, you may choose tiles or any other addition to add some uniqueness to the project.

Choose The Edges

When the space is tight, you can also opt for unused corners. This does not mean that you make use of every corner or edge but you will have to be smart with your decision. For instance, you can go up to your yard’s boundaries. Additionally, you could plant some climbers to make the area feel a bit more relaxed and bigger. Plus, it makes for a much nicer view anyway.

Final Word

There are several ways of fitting a pool in your small backyard. The above-mentioned tips will help you narrow down your options, considering all the other important factors. Keep in mind that you will need to consult a pool builder Long Island who will share the best possible plan for your investment to be worth it.

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