Why Should You Avoid Overloading The Washing Machine

Washing machines have definitely made life a lot easier. You can just put in your clothes and spin them around and you will have clean and wonderful smelling clothes in no time. You may want to put most clothes in one load but it will damage the washing machine. If it breaks down, you may have to wait for an appliance repair technician to come and have a look at it. Here are some things you should know about overloading a washing machine and how it can affect its performance.

The Drum Is Affected

The washing machine has a certain drum capacity and above that, you can’t possibly fit any more clothes. You want to see how much this capacity is and you need to fill your washing machine accordingly. The last thing you want is to overcrowd the drum and not have the machine work properly. This will also damage the drum since it will put a lot of force on the walls of the drum when the machine will be spinning the clothes. This will only damage the machine and ruin it.

Clothes Don’t Come Out Clean

One of the major drawbacks of overloading a washing machine is that your clothes are not cleaned properly. This completely destroys the purpose of using a washing machine in the first place. You want to leave some room for the clothes to slosh around with the soap and water. This action is what cleans the clothes and removes all the stains. If the machine is filled to the brim with clothes, then it will be hard for the clothes to get cleaned and the machine will also not work properly with all of this weight inside its drum.

The Detergent Doesn’t Dissolve

One of the most important and crucial things about washing clothes in the machine is that you need to make sure that the detergent is fully dissolved in the water. The last thing you want for the detergent to settle down at the bottom and in important places where clogging is not an option.

You don’t want the detergent to clog the important drains of the washing machine, which is why it is suggested that you don’t overfill your machine with clothing and make room for the water to get sudsy and foamy with the detergent, because this is what will clean the clothes effectively.

Excessive Power Consumption

Washing machines don’t run on empty. They need electricity to power through the washing session. If you are overfilling your machine with clothes and the clothes are not coming out clean, then you have no choice but to start another load when in reality, you could’ve avoided all of this trouble if you would’ve just washed the clothes in smaller and more manageable batches. This is obviously going to consume a lot of electricity and it is not a cheap commodity to be used so freely.

You Might Mess Up The Assembly

As mentioned before, washing machines come with a specific laod capacity and you cannot cross this number. There will be a lot of consequences if you overload your machine. For example, if you fill your machine up to the top with clothes, water, and detergent, not only will the clothes not be cleaned properly, but the load and weight of the clothes and water can damage the inside assembly of the machine.

This can lead to irreparable damage and you might need to swap out your washing machine for a new one since you practically ruined it by overloading it with a lot of clothes. This happens over time, but you will see a visible decrease in the efficiency and performance of the machine if you keep overloading it with clothes.

Different Clothes Have Different Washing Instructions

Not all clothes are meant to be washed in the washing machine. Some clothes have beads, embroidery, embellishments, and sequins on and they need to be handled carefully because a machine will not only ruin these clothes, but it will also damage the washer itself if the beads or embellishments clog the important drains and pipes of the washing machine, so try to be careful about it.


There you have it! Overloading your washing machine may sound tempting, but it will not clean your clothes and the whole purpose of cleaning will be destroyed. If your washing machine is performing poorly, find a washer repair Northern VA service to inspect it.

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