Can “Citizens United” be overturned?

It has been four years since the U.S. Supreme Court gave powers to corporations to spend their money for political campaigns. Once the law was passed, a big of wave of movement emerged where people started demanding that the US Constitution be changed and corporations not to be given the rights of “persons”. During 2012 election campaign, approximately 7 billion dollars were spent by candidates and groups in order to influence the outcome of election. Here are few ways that can help overturn Citizens United.

  • National Groups like Public Campaign, Free Speech for People, Common Cause, People for the American Way, Public Citizen can advocate for an amendment to overturn Citizens United; financing campaigns, execution of SEC Rule, etc. which means that public traded corporations will have to disclose their spending to shareholders and the public during election campaign. Join these groups.
  • The movement can begin at the grassroots where students from college campus can voice their opinion for 28th constitutional amendment that will nullify Citizens United. There is also another popular grassroots movement called Occupy Wall Street that advocates the concept of ‘occupying’ democracy. This concept can make Washington to follow the public financing involved during elections in Maine, New York and Arizona. This also provides a platform to not so rich candidates to compete in elections. Let the corporate giants lobby donate, but with limited treasury. In Washington, WAmend activists have started a statewide campaign and so have United Wisconsin in Wisconsin to put forth their issue in the November 2014 elections.
  • As many states as possible should join hands to call for an amendment. An amendment will have to be approved by three-fourths of the states i.e. a total of 38. Before that the amendment needs to be passed by a two-thirds vote in chambers of the U.S. Congress and also a resolution in their respective State.
  • Get people on to the streets encouraging them to fight against corruption and ask presidential candidates as to how they plan to end corruption, if elected? There are lot of websites that have been created to void Citizens United and as an individual, you could add your name to the petition.
  • Individuals needs to learn about the role of money during elections like ballot initiative, public financing, revealing black money.

Join hands with public groups who have put forth an amendment to overturn Citizens United and also regulation of money in politics. Support from third party and independent legislators, passing of state resolutions can bring about a change in the U.S. Constitution, thus helping overturn Citizens United v FEC (2010) decision.

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