Corporations and environmental issues

As the world is progressing to become more globalize, some forget the social and environmental responsibility in the process, thus resulting in complex and volatile situation.

We have witnessed many such organizations whose main motive is now earning more and more profits, and damaging results are uncountable. Some of the side-effects are- violation of human rights, child labor, mental frustration due to work pressure and tight working hours, lobbying for and participating in multiple manipulated international agreements, current environmental damage and further devastation, moving towards cheaper and unethical labor force, and so on. These giant multinational corporations and agencies claim that their involvement and foreign exchange in foreign countries is actually a constructive and healthy engagement as it can promote and encourage human rights in these non-democratic nations. But one can easily understand that these are actually a convenient excuse in order to continue exploitative practices.

As the big organization and corporations become wider and larger in nature, these multinational companies influence and interests also go further accordingly with the same pace. They have big influence on both politics and business, resulting in more pressure on common people. One such practice is tax avoidance which is now again a common trend among these big companies, through tax havens and affordable policies, these giant saves billions of dollars of tax and avoid them smartly. These taxes are actually much-needed money that are required by developing (and developed) countries to provide important social services for their populations. Just because these MNCs do not pay taxes, these massive losses of tax revenues again become burden for ordinary citizens who actually bear the cost when they require the most.

Many pharmaceutical companies also following the same trend of earning and concentrate more emphasis on baldness and impotence rather than various tropical diseases that infects and affect millions of people. These companies develop costly products that can sell at high cost and hence target wealthier consumers.

Not only limited to this, in this race, the major issue that always remain unnoticed is environment who gives all natural resources and treasure of life. Many such energy and fossil fuels companies leave behind many environmental issues and problems in their wake. They practice unnatural way to gain profits at fast pace. There are limited companies who actually consider social and environmental factors into business decisions. Its a high time to campaign on various current environmental issues and also to focus on environmentally friendly products and services.

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