Why Trump is a mastermind, behind Fake News

It was his first press conference of Donald Trump as President-elect, when the term “ Fake news ” came into limelight. But why is President Trump using the term ‘fake news’ again and again? And where did this term come from? During President-elect press conference, he pointed at CNN’s reporter Jim Acosta and said "You are fake news!", and refused to answer his question. Since then, Donald Trump has been calling out major media for being FAKE via his Twitter Account –particularly New York Times and CNN. But he himself is the source of a lot of fake news. Well, ... Read More
minimum wage

Why the minimum wage should be increased?

The federal minimum wage was brought into effect in 1938 at $0.25 and saw a rise periodically. The actual fluctuation was seen in 1968 at $1.60 due to inflation. President Barack Obama has now proposed the minimum wage to be increased from $7.25 to $10.10 per hour which would raise 900,000 Americans out of poverty, but 500,000 jobs will be at risk. Conservatives believe that raising the minimum wage means putting burden on companies that have slower growth rate while liberals believe that it should be increased keeping the inflation in mind. Pros of increasing the minimum wage Instead of ... Read More
Keystone Pipeline

Why the Keystone Pipeline is bad for the environment?

Once operational, the 875-mile Keystone Pipeline expected to carry 830,000 barrels of crude oil every day from Canada's Alberta Tar Sand reserves to refineries near Houston, will impact the environment badly. The changes will lead to: Warmer winter temperature. Short time of cool season. Longer period of frost season. An increase in soil contraction and expansion. Warm and longer summers which could result in heat stress and risk wildlife. Construction of the Keystone Pipeline will further affect: WATER RESOURCES: The pipeline will pass through about 1,073 surface water bodies in addition to 56 perennial rivers and streams and 24 miles ... Read More

Why should you get Japanese hair straightening?

Japanese hair straightening is one of the most common hairs straightening techniques. In the early 1990s, this approach was first used in Japan. Since then, the technique underwent many changes. It is now one of the most promising methods for straightening coarse, curly, and wavy hair. with a variety of chemicals. Another commonly used term for this procedure is 'thermal reconditioning'. To learn more about this treatment, do not hesitate to contact a decent Japanese hair straightening salon . This article will take you through the ins and outs of Japanese hair treatment. So, what are you waiting for? Let ... Read More

Why Should You Avoid Overloading The Washing Machine

Washing machines have definitely made life a lot easier. You can just put in your clothes and spin them around and you will have clean and wonderful smelling clothes in no time. You may want to put most clothes in one load but it will damage the washing machine . If it breaks down, you may have to wait for an appliance repair technician to come and have a look at it. Here are some things you should know about overloading a washing machine and how it can affect its performance. The Drum Is Affected The washing machine has a ... Read More

Why ObamaCare can be a plus for Democrats in 2014 election?

Health insurance can be an expensive affair and ObamaCare can prove to be an added advantage for Democrats in 2014. Also known as The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act , the aim of this law, which was signed on March 23, 2010, is to provide easy access to reasonably priced health insurance, improve quality, and regulate health insurance industry and lower health care expenses. The reforms which will kick in 2014 will help combat the rise in health care costs and provide reasonable health insurance to more Americans. This law will protect consumer interest. It will help you from ... Read More

Why Is The Commercial HVAC System Making Strange Noises?

Commercial HVAC units are designed to run 24/7 with optimum efficiency and effectiveness. These units are usually installed in commercial buildings that need to be kept cool throughout the summer season. Considering the workload they experience, it is common for them to make strange noises sometimes. Instead of panicking, you should be familiar with such sounds and troubleshooting tips so that you know when to the issue is severe and you need to call in commercial AC repair services . Let’s take a look at the types of strange noises commercial HVAC units make. Banging Noises One of the most ... Read More
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Why Donald Trump Is Not a Legitimate President

Officially, Donald J. Trump is the 45th President of the United States, and he is holding the nation’s most powerful position. With his win, he successfully achieved a lot of firsts. He is the first billionaire to hold the President’s office. He is also the only President of the United States who is elected without prior government or military experience. In spite of all these political disruptions, he won the 2016 Presidential elections . However, he might not be proud on how he won the elections. According to famous activists John Lewis and Michael Moore, Donald Trump is an illegitimate ... Read More

Why American workers standard of living has fallen?

Contrary to the belief that Americans are paid well, the standard of American workers has fallen tremendously in the last decade. About 67.1 per cent of wage earners in 2012 earned an average wage less than or equal to $42,498.21. According to the Social Security Administration , 50 per cent of wage earners make less than or equal to $27,519.10 annually. The reasons for the decline in the standard of living of American workers are: Corporations are moving their production overseas and limited investment in factories has led to the elimination of good jobs. Good paying jobs are now being ... Read More
Citizens United

Why “Citizens United” ruling was wrong?

In 2010, Citizens United v FEC, the U.S. Supreme Court in its ruling gave corporations the right to freedom of speech and to spend unlimited money for political campaigns . This decision has put democracy in danger. Further reasons as to why it has made the situation even worse are: According to the decision, some groups have to reveal their financers, but Federal Election Commission's rules do not implement many disclosure laws. As a result, donors and groups spending money for political ads are not disclosed due to technicalities. Even when a group discloses its expenditure, the face of real ... Read More

When to visit an allergist doctor?

A large number of people in the US suffer from allergies . Often at times, when the allergy is mild, no specific treatment is required. However, note that the allergies can sometimes flare-up. This is when the assistance of an allergy doctor is required. Furthermore, allergy symptoms can sometimes begin interfering with your everyday life. They reduce the quality of your life and affect your regular activities. For instance, you may not be able to go to work, college, or run regular errands. If this is something that you are struggling with, then you must reach out to an allergy ... Read More

When should you replace your HVAC system?

Do you want to get your HVAC system replaced or repaired as soon as possible? For that you will need the help of HVAC repair services . Well, this is one of the things that are inevitable at some point in time. This is because HVAC units work very hard. And as a result of this, these units have a fixed life span. Once the life span of these units passes away, they will begin showing symptoms of various issues. These issues can be minor or complex, depending on the condition of your HVAC unit. But often at times, replacing ... Read More

When Should You Cut Down A Palm Tree

Palm trees can be seen in warmer parts of Maryland. The common types grown in MD are needle palm trees, European fan palm trees , pindo palm trees, sago palm, saw palmetto palm trees, and windmill palm trees. Palm trees can give your yard more detail and shade. However, if you’re concerned about the health of the tree and want to know the signs that you should call in tree removal services , read this guide. Signs To Remove Your Palm Tree Rotting Palm Tree Fungi attacks and other reasons can trigger the rotting of palm trees. Keep in mind ... Read More
Donald Trump polls

What Would Happen If Donald Trump Was President?

The tag ‘President Donald Trump’ itself sounds bizarre. But what if he was actually the president of the United States? What America would be under his presidency? What would be his impact on the life of American Citizens? Well, the simple answer to all this questions is that he would make a terrible and ineffective president. It is because he has zero understanding of the responsibilities of American President. In all probability, Donald Trump would damage the basic administrative and constitutional designs of the US Government that control the powers of the executive. More than president, he would serve as a commander-in-chief. ... Read More

What The Best Ways To Hydrate Your Hair After Bleaching?

Bleach – as much as it can give you mind-blowing results and change your hair color, it also inflicts a lot of damage to the locks. If you want to bring back life to your hair after getting balayage hair highlights using bleach and dye, then these things are going to do wonders. Oil The Hair Bleach is a very harsh chemical that can strip the natural oils of your hair, especially if you do it regularly. If you have just changed your hair color and your hair has gotten through the damage of bleach, then you’re going to feel ... Read More

What is the importance of kitchen countertops?

Without a doubt, kitchen countertops are an essential component of every family kitchen. This is why experienced kitchen renovation contractors take such great care in choosing the ideal kitchen countertop. Granite countertops have been in the industry for decades and frequently understand the intricacies of countertops. This is crucial since a poor decision may detract from the overall aesthetic of the kitchen. Kitchen countertops are a substantial investment given their high cost. As a result, they need particular consideration. At the same time, this suggests that one should take their maintenance very seriously. What function do kitchen countertops serve? Kitchen countertops ... Read More

What Happens If You Drink Water With Pesticides

Water contains a lot of impurities that, upon drinking, can lead to severe issues. There might also be pesticides in the water which are harmful to the human body . You can install a water filter or get bottled water home delivery for clean water. Here are the adverse effects of drinking water containing pesticides. How Do Pesticides Infest Water? Normally, the water reserves are close to farmlands or acres of land where there are crops are growing. Pesticides, even though they are banned in some states and countries, are inevitable for some crops, and in order to earn revenue ... Read More

What does the Political Climate have in Store for Marijuana?

Everyone has heard the success stories of the legal marijuana industries in Washington and Colorado. For example, experts vastly underestimated the effect that legalized marijuana would have on state taxes. Reports from 2016 claim that Colorado saw a 129 million dollar increase to state taxes and Washington saw 220 million. “No matter the size of the state budget, 200 million dollars is still a very substantial amount of money. Legislatures at the state level who are looking to revitalize their local communities could start looking to marijuana law reform to create the cash needed to fund their efforts,” explains a ... Read More

What Are The Things To Consider For Relocating Heavy Machinery

Relocating heavy machinery is nothing less than an art. It might seem a simple task from the outside but in reality, there is always a huge risk lurking around. So, if your job specifically deals with heavy machinery moving , you need to make sure you always do it safely and effectively. But for that, you are going to need some tips. Let’s discuss! Devise A Plan Devising a plan is the first and most important thing for the relocation of heavy machinery . The bigger and heavier the project or equipment, the more details. A well-planned plan helps you ... Read More
2014 election

What are the chances that Republican will take over the Senate this fall?

Analysts, strategists and pollsters suggest that dissatisfaction among the public, President Barack Obama's Foreign Policy, a slow economy and retirement of some important Democratic senators has made it a jagged year for Democrats. Out of 35 Senate seats, 21 are under the stronghold of the Democrats and 14 with Republicans. Republicans need to bag six seats to win the Senate. Reasons why Republicans have a better chance of winning the Senate this fall are: Republicans have 14 seats to defend as opposed to 21 Democrat seats. Retirement of Democratic senators from three conservative states, Montana, South Dakota, West Virginia, can ... Read More

What Are The Causes Of Washing Machine Leakage

Washing machines help us tackle hundreds of clothes on a weekly basis. You simply add some detergent and let the machine do wonders. However, sometimes the machines can develop leakages, and diagnosing the problem without an appliance repair technician becomes tricky. Therefore, let’s look at the potential causes of washing machine leakage for you to be aware of the next time you come across a puddle underneath it. Loose Water Supply Valves Or Hoses This should be the first thing you should check when you encounter a leaking problem. In most cases, you will have separate metal taps for cold ... Read More

What Are The Best Tips For Commercial HVAC Installation?

Commercial HVAC units are used around the world in malls and commercial buildings to offer a perfect shopping experience especially when it is blistering hot outside. These units tend to be expensive but more important is their installation. Even a professional with years of experience can sometimes get it wrong. Therefore, we have compiled a list of some important tips to keep in mind when it comes to installing a commercial HVAC which shows why it’s impossible to install it without commercial AC repair services . Determining Load Capacity The first and most important thing you need to consider is ... Read More

What Are The Best Pool Shapes For A Small Backyard

Having a pool in your backyard is an interesting feature. Even though pools are mostly found in homes that have a sufficient amount of space to offer, but those with small backyards can fit a reasonably sized swimming pool if experienced pool contractors are used. Therefore, we are going to share some tips regarding the best pool shapes to consider to come up with the best pool for your needs and preferences. Let’s begin! Go Long And Narrow If your backyard happens to be long and narrow, then you should count your blessings. The reason is that a pool of ... Read More

What Are The Best Outdoor Wedding Tent Ideas?

/Outdoor weddings are not only beautiful, but they can be very easy to plan as well. If you’re considering the outdoors for your big day, then why not include tents from tent rentals in your décor as well? Here are some amazing wedding ideas with tents, which will look breathtaking in the outdoors. Small Tents For Each Table This is a very unique idea and it will make the entire layout look very beautiful. If you don’t want to go all out with a huge tent and want to do something different for the tables, then you can go for ... Read More

What Are The Benefits Of Installing Recycled Glass Countertops

Besides the expense, recycled glass countertops add a colorful charm to your space. After quartz kitchen countertops , recycled glass countertops are also quite popular among many homeowners with their mosaic pattern and distinctive look . If you’re considering recycled glass countertops for your kitchen slabs or bathroom vanity. Then, you should go through this piece of writing to know the end look of your countertops and the mixture content of the overall slab. Also, there are a few downsides as well, which you should know to decide either you can go with them or not. So, here’s all you ... Read More