How The Death of Antonin Scalia Could Sway the Presidential Election

First things first. Antonin Scalia was not murdered. Alright, now let’s proceed.

Hours before the last GOP debate began, and fresh with news of Justice Antonin Scalia’s passing, the Republican Party already had their position and talking points all sussed out. So, when the question was posed to GOP frontrunner Donald Trump if President Obama should nominate a replacement for Justice Scalia, Mr. Trump responded with, “I think he’s going to do it whether I’m okay with it or not. I think it’s up to Mitch McConnell and everybody else to stop it.”

Kind of surprising (or not), that the rest of the GOP field had the same or similar response to Antonin Scalia’s passing that night as well. (Funny, I don’t remember anyone’s “thoughts and prayers” going out to the Scalia family from the stage that night do you?). But, what I do remember hearing was a lot of bunk and bluster about how Obama doesn’t get to nominate anyone in his last year as President because of some silly 80 year tradition (nice work research department. Good spin). Or, how the American people shouldn’t have to have the “profile” or “makeup” of the Supreme Court shuffled during a presidential election.

Please folks, let’s call this what it is; the GOP is deathly afraid of the Obama administration and the Democratic party putting forth a Liberal Supreme Court Justice which would most assuredly change the makeup of the court and possibly drive the country toward a more left-leaning political agenda…their worst nightmare! Truth be told, it can, and must be done by this President. He has the right and the duty to do so! Whether the Senate does “its” job, is another story.

In recent days, Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has stated that he would block consideration of any nominee the Obama administration puts forth for the remainder of his term. Of course, the rest of GOP will fall in lock-step as is usual and customary. But for how long? This position the Republican Party has staked out, is an untenable position that will surely fall flat on its arse!

So, how exactly will this “new wrinkle” effect the upcoming debates, caucuses, primaries–and ultimately the general election?

For starters, Ted Cruz gets a golden opportunity to promote himself, and his views–not only on the Senate floor (hey, it’s story time kids!)–but on the campaign trail and on mainstream media. As the face-off in the Senate during the approval process heats-up this means plenty of free “air time” for the Senator, saving him campaign money and gaining him more exposure down the stretch.

Hillary Clinton also benefits from the hoopla as she continues to search for a message to help define her campaign. Bernie Sanders has already stolen Hillary’s position as “foot soldier” for the middle class. So, this new development gives her that much needed boost-of-purpose she so sorely needed. She and her team can now tout the fact that she would be “the only” candidate who can bring-home-the-win for the democratic electorate to help stave off the Republicans in congress.

Conspiracy theories be damned, this is getting real, real quick.

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