What Are The Best Outdoor Wedding Tent Ideas?

/Outdoor weddings are not only beautiful, but they can be very easy to plan as well. If you’re considering the outdoors for your big day, then why not include tents from tent rentals in your décor as well? Here are some amazing wedding ideas with tents, which will look breathtaking in the outdoors.

Small Tents For Each Table

This is a very unique idea and it will make the entire layout look very beautiful. If you don’t want to go all out with a huge tent and want to do something different for the tables, then you can go for small tents for each of the tables.

This will make it look like there are small umbrellas on top of each table and it will provide necessary shade to the guests as well, especially if it’s a hot and sunny day. You can match the color of the tent, according to your wedding theme and it will tie the entire décor together.

Decorate The Tent With Lights

This is also another very beautiful idea and it will make your wedding look majestic, especially in pictures. You can decorate the tents with fairy lights and cover the web of lights with another light and see-through drape.

This will give a starry night appeal to the ceiling and it will look beautiful when the sun starts to set. The ceiling will look like a constellation of lights and you will want this tent decoration in every event from then on.

A Tent For The Ceremony

A tent for the reception is a must and all, but you can take things up a notch and have a tent for the ceremony as well. This is great because most wedding ceremonies take place in the afternoon or when the sun is out and you don’t want the guests to sit out under the blazing sun.

So, having a tent for the ring and vow ceremony is great too and it will look very rustic and majestic. You can also decorate it with lights and greenery and call it a day.

A Center Structured Tent

This is a classic tent idea for a wedding, but it is just as great for the reception because it’s simple, no fuss, and very easy to install. A lot of the time, tents can lack structural integrity and you want the tent to sustain the wind and weather during the wedding ceremony and reception. This is where a center-supported tent will be a lifesaver. It is structured, and very sturdy and it will look just as beautiful as any other tent.

Sometimes a good classic option is all you need to save the day. The tent is supported by a pole in the middle and there are harnesses on the side as well, which keep the entire tent in place and prevent unnecessary swaying. All that’s left to do is decorate it and call it a day.

Draping Tents For The Reception

If you don’t want to go for a traditional tent for your wedding, but still want that flowy and soft look, then drapes are the way to go. Keep in mind that the drapes will not cover the entirety of the area and there won’t be any shelter like a tent, but it will look extremely beautiful.

The drapes are wrapped over wooden frames which cross the perimeter of the venue in several vertical lines. The rippled design and natural downward flow of drapes, combined with decorative lights and props will transform the entire venue and you will be left in awe.

If your event doesn’t need shelter and you just want to decorate with drapes for the fun of it, then you can certainly consider this idea, because it will definitely turn heads and people will remember this decorative element for a long time.

Minimal Tent

If the overall theme for your wedding is minimal, then you can also opt for a minimal tent. This can be a canopy or structured tent, but the main gist of this tent will be its minimal appearance and style. The decorations of the tent will also be super subtle and there won’t be any sort of tackiness to it either.

You can also opt for muted colors to bring out the minimal appeal even more. This tent will be the glory of the wedding and it will look beautiful in pictures too. Wedding party rentals Damascus MD have many tent options that are minimal and classy.

Tents And Greenery

Greenery and shrubs is also another thing that can transform a wedding into a woodland dream come true. If you want to go for a fairytale-like wedding, then incorporating greenery and plants in your wedding décor will do the trick.

You can also make the tent look gorgeous with a lot of greenery and you can even cover the poles with green vines too. You can also have plant arrangements hanging from the top of the tent and this will act as a beautiful and lovely centerpiece, whenever the guests look up or even enter the venue. This idea will definitely blow your mind away with its natural beauty.

A Tented Dance Floor

If you’re going for a tented wedding, then you can’t forget about the dance floor. You can also have a tent covering the entire dance floor and decorate it with lights, drapes, and other things, depending on your wedding theme.

A tented dance floor is great because you can dance the night away and enjoy this time with your family and loved ones, without having to worry about the weather, because you are perfectly sheltered in the tent. You can also decorate the dance floor and the tent with fake glass flooring and even a large disco ball in the middle, which will complete the entire look.

Canopy Tent

A canopy tent is also a classic option to go for because it looks very nice and it can also be decorated in any way you like. A canopy tent is also perfect for larger gatherings because it is available in a lot of sizes and it can still maintain its structure, despite the large size.

There are a lot of supports in this tent and there’s no need to worry about the tent swaying or falling down. Decorating this tent is also a breeze and you can let your creativity run free.

Roofed Tent

Last but not least, there are tents that have roofs on top as well. These tents are not flat, like most traditional tents and you can arrange them in a triangular ceiling, which will be sturdy and it will also look beautiful.

Tents with roofs are great because they are very strong and they are a great option to go for, if there is a sudden prediction of heavy winds or storms on the day of the wedding. It will stand strong and provide shelter, until the end of the wedding.


Tents may seem like a pretty peculiar thing to include in your wedding decorations, but it serves a lot of purposes. It doesn’t only give privacy, but it adds a nice touch to the entire wedding too. Look into wedding tent rental packages Frederick to get started.

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