What The Best Ways To Hydrate Your Hair After Bleaching?

Bleach – as much as it can give you mind-blowing results and change your hair color, it also inflicts a lot of damage to the locks. If you want to bring back life to your hair after getting balayage hair highlights using bleach and dye, then these things are going to do wonders.

Oil The Hair

Bleach is a very harsh chemical that can strip the natural oils of your hair, especially if you do it regularly. If you have just changed your hair color and your hair has gotten through the damage of bleach, then you’re going to feel it. Your hair will be extremely rough, your mane won’t be as smooth and soft as it was before, and it’s all going to be a disaster at this point.

However, there’s no need to worry, because the damage is still repairable and you can get beautiful and healthy hair again if you oil your hair. You can use different types of oils for your hair and scalp. For example:

  • Argan oil
  • Olive oil
  • Coconut oil

One thing that you need to keep in mind is the fact that thicker oils will do wonders for your mane since it’s going to go deeper and nourish hair follicles from the inside out. You can also go for a hot oil massage, where you take a reasonable amount of oil and heat it on the stove or in the microwave, until it’s warm to the touch and apply it on the hair and scalp.

This extra step is going to open up the hair follicles and all of the goodness will seep into the hair and you will see results in no time at all.

DIY Protein Treatment

Who says you need to go out and buy expensive protein treatments and masks from the store for your hair? You can make a protein-packed treatment for your mane easily at home, with ingredients that you already have lying around in your fridge.

To master the art of making a conditioning treatment for your hair, you just need to understand only one fact. Your hair needs protein and nourishment to be full of life and bouncy again and those are the only things that can restore the damage done by bleach.

For a DIY hair treatment, you’re going to need a protein source, aka an egg, and a deep conditioner or emollient ingredient, aka an oil. Mix the two and you have yourself a thick and luscious mask that will lead to healthy hair and the best part is that it doesn’t cost you a lot either, as compared to those expensive store-bought masks and treatments. Here’s a simple recipe on how to make a protein treatment for your hair. Crack an egg in a bowl and whisk it up until it’s a cohesive mixture and there are no traces of egg whites or yolks in it.

Now, add about a quarter of a cup (according to your hair length) of olive oil or argan oil and mix it up. You can also use a blender for creating a more thick and uniform mask. Apply it to your hair. Let it set for 30 to 40 minutes. After waiting for mentioned time, rinse it off.

Follow up with shampoo and conditioner and you will feel the softness in your hair coming back from the first use.

Avoid Heat

Your hair has already been through a lot and the last thing your mane needs is a shock of heat that’s going to send everything spiraling down. Heat isn’t something that you should use on your hair, especially after getting your hair bleached. You might not be aware of the fact but after bleaching, your hair can be pretty sensitive for a long time and a bit of heat or tugging can lead to intense damage and hair fall, so you want to avoid that.

If you’re someone who uses heat regularly, then it’s time to cut back on it. For styling your hair, go for some creative ideas that won’t involve the use of heat tools. Heatless hairstyles are very trendy and they work like magic, so do some research, take some inspiration, and go to town with different hairstyles that won’t leave your hair even drier and damaged. Save the heating tools for those special occasions and your hair will thank you.

This is important to follow even if you colored your hair or color-corrected your hair without the use of bleach. Hair salons specializing in color Rockville will instruct you to avoid heating tools after a hair coloring session.

Use Moisturizing Products

Aside from using masks and treatments once or twice a week, you also need to use conditioning and moisturizing products on your hair. Products that have keratin and nourishing ingredients are going to be life savers for your damaged hair. If you don’t know how damage works, it’s the declination of protein in your hair.

Your hair shaft is nothing but protein and bleach can damage the layers of keratin that give your hair a beautiful shine and a soft touch. Bleach can make the protein or keratin in your hair wither away and that can lead to brittle, dry, and rough hair. So, what happens if something is depleting? You make up for it, of course! This is possible by searching for products that are natural and have protein and keratin in them, because these are the only things that will retain the moisture in your hair and make the locks look hydrated and bouncy again.

So, whenever you’re out and about, try to look for products that don’t have harsh chemicals like sulfate and parabens in them, rather you want to switch to products that are moisturizing and help restore your hair’s natural protein bonds.

Leave-In Conditioner Is Your Best Friend

This tip is the second part of the previous tip. Because your hair needs a lot of moisture restoration, you must invest in a leave-in conditioner. This is different from the regular conditioner you use in the shower because a leave-in conditioner will sit in your hair for longer and it’s going to leave your hair feeling soft and moisturized for longer.

A huge drawback of a regular conditioner is that it needs to be rinsed off after 5 minutes max, but with a leave-in conditioner, you can spritz it on your hair and let it sit in for the whole day. It is going to work its magic and your hair will also be tangle-free and without knots.

Protect Your Hair

The sun can also be a huge culprit in damaging your hair, so you need to ensure that you’re protecting it as well. Whenever you go outside, try to wear your hair up and shield it with a cap, because you don’t know what the harmful UV rays are capable of. You also want to avoid creating friction and frizz in your hair, so switch to a silk pillowcase for your bedroom.


After bleaching, your hair tends to be very dry and almost lifeless, so these things are going to lock the moisture in and they’re going to make your tresses bouncy and soft. And only visit top rated hair salons Rockville where hairstylists use bleach and products carefully that can reduce hair damage.

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