Why Trump is a mastermind, behind Fake News

It was his first press conference of Donald Trump as President-elect, when the term “Fake news” came into limelight. But why is President Trump using the term ‘fake news’ again and again? And where did this term come from?

During President-elect press conference, he pointed at CNN’s reporter Jim Acosta and said “You are fake news!”, and refused to answer his question. Since then, Donald Trump has been calling out major media for being FAKE via his Twitter Account –particularly New York Times and CNN. But he himself is the source of a lot of fake news.

Well, twisting the truth for political gain is nothing new. It’s like political propaganda. Donald Trump has been spreading fake news ever since he has been elected as president of the United State. Ironically, some media outlets are backing his fake news as well. Check out the worst fake news stories Trump has pushed on America:

His inaugural crowd was the biggest ever

This is sheer lie. If you compare the inaugural pictures of 2009 and 2016, you can clearly see that more people attended 2009 inaugural ceremony. White House press conference of Trump’s presidency claimed this fake news!

There was significant voter fraud during the election

Donald Trump tweeted about voter fraud investigations. But did Trump actually investigate the matter? Or he tweeted it just to grab media attention? God knows!

Sinister liberal imposters have been infiltrating town halls in red districts

Right from the beginning, liberals were anti-trump. But when President Trump called them “so-called angry crowds”, does not paint a right image of them. When the conservative media investigated the story, it seemed like a minor conspiracy theory.

People are being paid to protest Trump

President Trump made headlines with Tweet stating that people are being “paid for” anti-Trump demonstrations.

Obama wiretapped Trump

On March 4, Trump tweeted that Obama had his ‘wires tapped’ in Trump Tower. James Comey (FBI director) then asked the Justice Department to rebut accusations of Trump. In myth busting investigation, it was found that the allegations of ‘wires tapped’ was not true, and wasn’t based on anything that is remotely true.

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