What Would Happen If Donald Trump Was President?

The tag ‘President Donald Trump’ itself sounds bizarre. But what if he was actually the president of the United States? What America would be under his presidency? What would be his impact on the life of American Citizens? Well, the simple answer to all this questions is that he would make a terrible and ineffective president. It is because he has zero understanding of the responsibilities of American President.

In all probability, Donald Trump would damage the basic administrative and constitutional designs of the US Government that control the powers of the executive. More than president, he would serve as a commander-in-chief. He would just sit and order people to do this and do that, and nothing would have happened. This is the reason why all latest Donald Trump polls are against him.

Donald Trump is a businessman so he would work with the mindset of the businessman. But handling the responsibilities of the American President is 100 times more difficult than handling a business empire. The American President has to think about the nation before anything else. Mr. Donald Trump does not have this quality. Thus, he would make many incorrect decisions.

The policy promises of Donald Trump would run the range from impractical distortion to useless bluster. His policy agenda would be a pointless exercise. If Donald Trump would become President, he would have been known for:

  • Making controversial statements
  • Increasing troubles of immigrants
  • Making bizarre policies for Mexicans
  • Completely restricting the entry of Muslims in America
  • Creating havoc in foreign relations

People who think that President Obama has overreached during his tenure, imagine Donald Trump with the same powers. Donald Trump would make full use of his power and position to prove his wrong decision right and would impose his decisions on others.

President Trump wouldn’t be able to maintain cordial relations with the other nations.  This would badly affect the global reputation of America. This is what political experts and Donald Trump polls say about the Donald Trump. But what do you think about him?

Your opinion matters. Your money matters. Your vote matters.

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