Why Donald Trump Is Not a Legitimate President

Officially, Donald J. Trump is the 45th President of the United States, and he is holding the nation’s most powerful position. With his win, he successfully achieved a lot of firsts. He is the first billionaire to hold the President’s office. He is also the only President of the United States who is elected without prior government or military experience. In spite of all these political disruptions, he won the 2016 Presidential elections. However, he might not be proud on how he won the elections. According to famous activists John Lewis and Michael Moore, Donald Trump is an illegitimate President.

The iconic civil rights activist Rep. John Lewis (who marched with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.) stated that “Donald Trump is indeed not a legitimate president.” In his interview to NBC News, Lewis further quoted that “I do not see this President-elect as a legitimate president.” He explained the victory of Donald Trump as conspiracy from Russia against Hillary Clinton’s candidacy.  Lewis is the first person who openly claimed Donald Trump as illegitimate President, but there are plenty of people who share the same feelings. And the U.S. intelligence community has plenty of evidence to prove the involvement of Russians in Donald Trump’s victory.

Progressive activist Michael Moore took social media to support John Lewis. Moore quoted that “Nothing, including a racist section, arcane, of the constitution, can change the fact that three million more American citizens voted for Hillary than for Trump”. He further wrote “It is either a democracy or it isn’t. If Trump had won by three million votes, I would sadly admit that he is the president the American people wanted. But that is not what happened.” With his Facebook post, Moore once again brought the allegations of Trump being mentally ill, and hacking of presidential elections by Russian government in news.

Putin has always denied involvement of Russia in US elections, but Trump has stated that he believes Russia was responsible for the hacking.  However, he maintains that no voting systems were hacked.  In the second statement he is just trying to convince the public that he was legitimately chosen.  Well, that’s simply not true!!

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