Fight back the corporate power on election years

How to fight back corporate power during election?

From wealthy oil barons to dot com billionaires, corporate giants have a great political role to play. Referred to as lobbyists, they influence government policies and in fact, take active part in creating policies. Whether it is from the government or opposition, they don’t face any resistance. But how is that we can fight back corporate power during election?

MODIFY THE U.S. CONSTITUTION: Because of corporate-friendly policies, jobs have moved overseas, there has been a rise in inequality in salary, the energy policies are controlled by fossil fuel corporations and deregulation has led to environmental problems. Corporate giants should not be given the rights of “persons”. Rights are meant for real people. Corporate power should pay when lobbying for the bill as it would allow them to bring billions of dollars from overseas account.

CORPORATE GIANTS SHOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THE LAWS: From BP’s oil disasters in Gulf of Mexico to Massey Energy’s coal mine disaster, these firms escaped criminal prosecution. In fact, they ended up getting contracts while the case was still pending. No government contracts should be given to the company under the radar. Government has the right to revoke charter from companies that do not serve the people. Civil litigation to be filed against companies in order to get compensation.

SAY NO TO POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENTS: Many corporations receive money from government or hire lobbyists for their campaign on television. Instead, allow every qualified candidate to put forth their political message on air for free during campaign.

FREEDOM OF SPEECH ON INTERNET AND INDEPENDENT MEDIA: In 2011, AT&T struck a proposal for $39 billion deal to acquire T-Mobile. This would have given AT&T and Verizon Public, a control of 80% of the wireless market. This would help AT&T to set higher price which would affect poor and people of color. Despite political lobbying by AT&T, they could not bag the deal. This was possible because public interest groups and non-profit organizations like Free Press, waged a campaign online.

MAKE EVERY VOTE COUNT: In case your elected person sides up with corporate giants, then you can recall elections.

MAKE YOUR DOLLAR COUNT: De-corporatize your money by ditching credit cards, shortening your loan tenure, say no to shopping online, instead invest in house, create retirement fund, and move your money to community banks.

CREATE GOOD CORPORATE GIANTS: If companies are run by workers and community like cooperatives, employee-run firms, land trusts, etc. then one can bring about a lot of changes.

Though not an easy task, but following these strategies can help you fight back the corporate power during election.

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