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Why American workers standard of living has fallen?

Contrary to the belief that Americans are paid well, the standard of American workers has fallen tremendously in the last decade. About 67.1 per cent of wage earners in 2012 earned ...
Keystone Pipeline

Why the Keystone Pipeline is bad for the environment?

Once operational, the 875-mile Keystone Pipeline expected to carry 830,000 barrels of crude oil every day from Canada’s Alberta Tar Sand reserves to refineries near Houston, will ...
Tax Cut

How huge tax cuts for big corporations led us to recession

According to a report filed by Citizens of Justice, big cuts in corporate tax and tax loopholes, resulted in a $90 billion annual loss for the U.S. Treasury that led to the recession ...
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Corporations and environmental issues

As the world is progressing to become more globalize, some forget the social and environmental responsibility in the process, thus resulting in complex and volatile situation. We have ...

Should the government raise the federal minimum wage?

To answer this, we need to first go through some facts and figures before jumping to solution. Recently US President, Barack Obama announced to increase the minimum wage to $10.10 per ...

Fight back the corporate power on election years

How to fight back corporate power during election? From wealthy oil barons to dot com billionaires, corporate giants have a great political role to play. Referred to as lobbyists, they ...
Citizens United

Why “Citizens United” ruling was wrong?

In 2010, Citizens United v FEC, the U.S. Supreme Court in its ruling gave corporations the right to freedom of speech and to spend unlimited money for political campaigns. This decision ...

Can 99ers change the outcome of 2014 midterm election?

99ers is a term used to describe the unemployed Americans,  a cross section of the American society which includes young and old, race, color, creed, Democrats and Republicans equipped ...
political campaigns

How corporate money will change US politics

Corporations, industries, labor unions, organizations spend billions of dollars every year in order to reach decision-makers and influence their thought process. Here are a few ways ...
Big corporations

How Some Big Corporations Don’t Pay Taxes?

According to a five year study by a tax activist group, it was found that many U.S. corporations paid very little or no federal income tax, between 2008 to 2012. Citizens of Justice ...

Why big corporations work with big name lawyers?

LawyerThis is a well-known fact that big corporations work with big name lawyers, in doing so, they retain their company's image in large crowd as well as help them in representing strongly in any legal, civil, and criminal cases. Opponent team or companies are afraid in court or legal matters when they come to know about the lawyer who represent. Such big organization always become a giant client for individual or big law firm. This way they always benefited in stressful legal situation.

These lawyers are people who actually work for the firm, like associates, more working as in-house counsel, sometimes work independently or even like partners. They share their "brand name" of the firm without actually being a active part of management or any profit sharing or decisions. They can lead to profitable results due to this partnership.

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