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Donald Trump polls

What Would Happen If Donald Trump Was President?

The tag ‘President Donald Trump’ itself sounds bizarre. But what if he was actually the president of the United States? What America would be under his presidency? What would be his impact on the life of American Citizens? ...

Political Humor and Its Effect

When it comes to politics, most Americans get the majority of their information from entertainment sources. Whether it be Comedy Central’s hit program The

The Internet might be in danger

Everybody loves the Internet, whether you are using it on your smartphone or on you desktop PC. But emerging dangers poses a real threat to the way we are using this new information medium. The Internet is in danger of being ...

Last Chance Offer to Avoid UK Taxes for Doctors & Nurses in the NHS

The UK government is about to close a tax loophole which means you will no longer be able to transfer out of an NHS pension Scheme. This guide will explain how to find the NHS pension calculator and how to get out of the ...

Military wives discounts

Home Depot and Lowe’s Home Improvement stores exist throughout the United States and serve as America’s primary retail giants for home goods like appliances. But, these stores are also both historically military ...
Trickle-Down Economics

Does Trickle-Down Economics really work?

Trickle-Down Economics theory states that tax cuts can help successful people in the society like businessmen, investors, etc. to increase the economy of the nation. The extra cash they earn will be invested to expand companies ...
Senate Poll

Senate Election polls in South Dakota becomes hard to predict

Most of the time analysts believe that Republicans would choose from three senate seats in  senate election polls where Democratic participants retires in red states ...
2014 election

What are the chances that Republican will take over the Senate this fall?

Analysts, strategists and pollsters suggest that dissatisfaction among the public, President Barack Obama’s Foreign Policy, a slow economy and retirement of ...

Why American workers standard of living has fallen?

Contrary to the belief that Americans are paid well, the standard of American workers has fallen tremendously in the last decade. About 67.1 per cent of wage earners in 2012 earned an average wage less than or equal to $42,498.21. ...
Keystone Pipeline

Why the Keystone Pipeline is bad for the environment?

Once operational, the 875-mile Keystone Pipeline expected to carry 830,000 barrels of crude oil every day from Canada’s Alberta Tar Sand reserves to refineries near Houston, will impact the environment badly. The changes ...
Tax Cut

How huge tax cuts for big corporations led us to recession

According to a report filed by Citizens of Justice, big cuts in corporate tax and tax loopholes, resulted in a $90 billion annual loss for the U.S. Treasury that led to the recession in 2008. Providing large tax subsidies ...
Girl surrounded by rapeseed flowers

Corporations and environmental issues

As the world is progressing to become more globalize, some forget the social and environmental responsibility in the process, thus resulting in complex and volatile situation. We have witnessed many such organizations whose ...

Why big corporations work with big name lawyers?

LawyerThis is a well-known fact that big corporations work with big name lawyers, in doing so, they retain their company's image in large crowd as well as help them in representing strongly in any legal, civil, and criminal cases. Opponent team or companies are afraid in court or legal matters when they come to know about the lawyer who represent. Such big organization always become a giant client for individual or big law firm. This way they always benefited in stressful legal situation.

These lawyers are people who actually work for the firm, like associates, more working as in-house counsel, sometimes work independently or even like partners. They share their "brand name" of the firm without actually being a active part of management or any profit sharing or decisions. They can lead to profitable results due to this partnership.

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